The Leadership & Development team offer a range of programmes and services able to enhance the performance of organisations, teams and individuals.

The programme utilise strategies that have a track record of success in the world of elite sport and business. All are delivered through a bespoke blend of executive coaching, mentoring, management and leadership development programmes, workshops and practical sessions.

Exclusive’s unmatched performance in Leadership & Management training is owed to our unique and innovative working culture. We deliver optimal results for all clients:

Maximum Performance

The Maximum Performance programme will help organisations, teams and individuals to consistently achieve their best performances by:

  • Honing Focus
  • Controlling Confidence
  • Mastering Motivation

We work with organisations to develop genuine high performance cultures by helping them to build the structures and processes that underpin great performance.

This often includes helping to structure Performance Management mechanisms.

Our services are available across the North East, Yorkshire and Scotland.

Becoming World Class

An organisation is only as good as its people.

This programme helps organisations, teams and individuals to start the journey towards becoming genuinely world class in their field and help them establish a tangible competitive advantage.

It provides organisations with a systematic approach that allows them to make step changes in their business. Often this includes helping organisations to breed innovation and creativity.

The programme follows the principals that underpin World Class organisations in sport and business.

Our services are available across the North East, Yorkshire and Scotland.

High Impact

We provide a number of short term, high impact intervention programmes for businesses that require a fast acting solution to performance issues. Each of the programmes are designed to provide organisations with solutions that achieve significant results very quickly, and help turn-around personal and team performance.

Programmes can include:

  • The Motivational Jump Start.
  • The U-Turn: Performance Turn Around.
  • Inspiration, Motivation and Engagement.
  • Bust the Plateau.

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Available Downloads

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