Re-employing the Human Touch in Recruitment

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This is a really interesting one for me; I LOVE technology. I am a STEM ambassador and find it fascinating. Being a big PC Gamer when I’m not in ‘Exclusive’ mode, I really enjoy discussing my personal hobby with those people who make and design the games I play, but also speaking with HR professionals about how they use technology and advanced IT systems in their everyday life.

However, I had quite an interesting and productive conversation with an HR Officer yesterday who had applied for a role that they weren’t quite suitable for, but I had another opportunity to discuss with them. For those recruitment companies who keyword aggregators and % relevancy scores as part of their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), they will have missed out on an individual who is a little gem at the level they’re currently working at.

They just have a CV which they need some support with. What really struck me about the conversation was when they said “Oh, I’m surprised you’ve even called me to discuss my application further!” This made me feel a little sad inside, if I’m honest with you. It also reminded me about one of my high flyers who has more than doubled their salary in the last two years because of the company I introduced them to back in 2015.

Vicky Colverson

Due to that company’s ATS, that individual would never have been spoken to, never mind interviewed and then go on to play a pivotal role in the recruitment function that they have now.

Why are we still processing people as % scores against a defined list of keywords? What if they have used a synonym instead of what that list defines is appropriate? What if they just haven’t had the opportunity to spend time on their CV?

At Exclusive we have invested in some of the most innovative ATS and technology available to our industry, but we still personally review every application. And whilst that individual may not be relevant or suitable for the role they have applied for, there will often be another position we can discuss with them.

So if you’re looking for the ‘human touch’ whilst searching for your new opportunity, or you would rather your prospective candidates weren’t met by an automated message where they cannot speak to a real person, why not contact us on 0191 6912222 to discuss the different ways in which we support candidates and hiring managers across the UK.